2 Years

Developmental Milestones 

  • Enjoys playing with friends. 
  • Does not share well. 
  • Asks frequent questions. 
  • May have a vocabulary of 50 or more words. 
  • Climbs up steps holding on for support. 
  • Jumps off the floor with both feet. 
  • Opens doors. 
  • Kicks a ball. 
  • Can wash and dry hands. 
  • Climbs on furniture. 
  • Uses a cup and spoon well. 
  • May start showing signs of toilet training readiness. 

Parenting Tips 

  • Use picture books to help with language development. 
  • Arrange time for exploring outdoors. 
  • Keep TV viewing to a minimum, and supervise your child while watching TV. Keep TV off during meals. 
  • Be careful of what you say, as children at this age repeat what they hear. 
  • Keep family outings with your child short and simple. 
  • Encourage your child to make choices whenever possible. 
  • Provide alternatives when your child is playing with something that is not allowed. 
  • Avoid power struggles with your child. 
  • Continue to take time for yourself. 


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