18 Months

Developmental Milestones 

  • Shows affection by kissing parents. 
  • Uses a vocabulary of four to 10 words and may combine two-word phrases. 
  • Understands simple directions. 
  • Points to some body parts correctly. 
  • Walks fast. 
  • Walks up stairs with one hand held. 
  • Plays pretend. 
  • Feeds self, drinks from a cup, and uses a spoon. 
  • Imitates a crayon stroke on paper. 

Parenting Tips 

  • Be gentle and consistent with discipline. 
  • Encourage your child to make choices whenever possible. 
  • Keep rules simple. 
  • Avoid power struggles with your child. 
  • Show affection in the family. Be a good role model by practicing the behavior you want your child to value. 
  • Read simple stories to your child regularly. 
  • Make time for yourself. Raising a toddler can be demanding. 


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