6 Months

Developmental Milestones 

  • Recognizes familiar faces. 
  • Likes to play with others. 
  • Responds to other people’s emotions. 
  • Likes to look at self in a mirror. 
  • Strings vowels together when babbling. 
  • Responds to own name. 
  • Makes sounds to show joy and displeasure. 
  • Begins to look for a toy that drops out of sight. 
  • Can play alone with one or two toys for a little while. 
  • Can sit with one hand on the ground for support, in a “tripod.” 
  • Can bear weight when standing with support. 
  • Teeth may begin to emerge. 

Parenting Tips 

  • Encourage speech by talking and reading to your baby as often as possible. 
  • Continue to get adequate sleep and eat well. 
  • Babies like to bounce, swing, and bang things together. Plastic cups, wooden spoons, and pans make great toys. 
  • Begin to set some limits by using distraction, reducing stimulation, and establishing routines. 


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