Parenting With Empathy Part 1: Creating a Nurturing Environment for Children

Workshop Description

Children need connection and guidance to grow into healthy adults. This workshop will help you learn to parent with connection in mind, using empathy and assertiveness to reach that goal. You will walk away with hands-on strategies for cultivating connection in your home and a better understanding of how empathy can be used to nurture and guide children. Offered online or in person.


Parents, guardians, and caregivers of preschool and elementary-age students


60 minutes


After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how empathy affects parenting.
  • Describe assertiveness in parenting and how to use it effectively to set boundaries and drive connection with children.
  • Understand practical ways to set up environments in their home that are intentional for connection.

Broadcast in English. Please contact us for options with Spanish interpretation.

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