Priscilla Bagley

Program Consultant

Priscilla has a unique passion for educating children and seeing them grow in a loving and nurturing environment. She has devoted much of the last 20 years to that purpose. With years of working in elementary education in Fort Bend ISD, Priscilla has first-hand experience on the impact of social and emotional development in the classroom. She first joined ChildBuilders in 2014 and instantly fell in love with their mission, vision, and strategy. During her initial time at ChildBuilders, she was an accomplished curriculum trainer and a lead curriculum developer. She contributed to the creation of Build to Nurture, facilitated development and early implementation of Stand Strong • Stay Safe – Elementary, and assisted with the UK-adaptation of Parents Under Construction. In 2023, she rejoined the ChildBuilders Team as a program consultant and is excited to continue sharing her expertise with the Houston community.

Priscilla holds graduate and undergraduate degrees from Houston Christian University in Elementary Education and Curriculum and Instruction. She lives in East Texas with her husband Kristopher, daughter Noelle, and dog Lexi.

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