ChildBuilders has been serving the Houston community for over 45 years. Founded in 1974 by a group of child advocates dedicated to improving mental health services for Houston’s area children, the core of ChildBuilders’ work has evolved from expanding treatment options for children with mental illness to preventing the abuse and trauma that contributes to mental illness in today’s youth.

Our Vision

We envision a community where all children are respected, nurtured, and protected.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote mental health and prevent abuse by empowering children, parents, and teachers with assertiveness skills, emotional control, empathy, resilience, and the ability to resolve conflict nonviolently.

Our Vision

We envision a community where all children are respected, nurtured, and protected.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote mental health and prevent abuse by empowering children, parents, and teachers with assertiveness skills, emotional control, empathy, resilience, and the ability to resolve conflict nonviolently.

Our Strategy

ChildBuilders develops and implements primary prevention programs to achieve our mission and realize our vision. Our strategy is informed by extensive research in child abuse prevention, nurturing parenting, and positive school climate. Over many years we have brought our prevention efforts in close alignment with with recommendations from respected institutions in the United States. 

At some  point in their lives, most children will experience adversity, and often these experiences cause trauma (Szalavitz & Perry, 2010).  One of the strongest risk factors for developing a mental illness is trauma. Trauma can negatively affect developing brain structure and function, stress responses, and attachment.

We cannot prevent all childhood adversity. Instead, we arm children with skills that can reduce their risk of trauma, increase their resilience to traumatic events, and increase their awareness of their own rights and responsibilities when it comes or keeping themselves and their communities safe. 

For more information on our guiding principles, please visit the following resources.

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Our History

Founders Group

The seven women in this picture came together in 1972 over a hamburger lunch. Their shared concern: Houston was becoming a world-class city but lacked treatment facilities for children with serious mental health disorders. Their concern became a mission as they began to work with local agencies and organizations to mobilize resources to fill this gap. This led to the birth of CAN-DO-IT (Children: Action Now Developing Options in Treatment) in 1974. CAN-DO-IT became a catalyst for merging money, manpower, and facilities to meet the needs of seriously mentally ill children.

Pictured from left to right: Felice "Buzz" Cohen, Angelee Duke, Barbara Henley, Polly Marsters, Muriel Folloder Phillips, Dodie McBride, and Mary Wright.​


Originally known as CAN-DO-IT, ChildBuilders® was founded to help children with severe mental illness find treatment options in Houston. ​


CAN-DO-IT funds the first children’s mental health residential treatment facility in Houston - Bayou Place at Depelchin Children’s Center.


Parents Under Construction™ is created to teach children today the parenting skills they will need in the future.


ChildBuilders® becomes the official name of the organization.


Stand Strong • Stay Safe® is created to empower children to recognize abuse, set healthy boundaries, act assertively, and get help.


Build to Nurture™ is created to prepare children to become caring, nurturing, and contributing members of their families and communities.

Remembering Muriel Folloder Phillips,
Our Founding Mother and
Continuing Inspiration

As the mother of a child with serious mental health needs, Muriel was determined to establish a treatment facility in Houston so her son could helped locally. An idea that started over a hamburger lunch became CAN-DO-IT (now ChildBuilders), and Muriel was the driving force behind it.  She remained deeply involved with the organization until her death in 2016 at the age of 94Among her many contributions to the organization were leading fundraising efforts, recruiting board and staff members, championing programs, and advocating for children at the state legislature. Not a day went by that Muriel didn’t call ChildBuilders staff to make a suggestion or offer to help.  

Beloved by the Houston community, she received many humanitarian awards for her achievements on behalf of children with mental health needs. Those who were fortunate to know her will always remember the sparkle in her eye, her strength in conviction, her compassion for those less fortunate, her passion, and her fearlessness in speaking out for childrenYears ago, Muriel had hamburger necklaces made for her and the other founders.  When she passed away, the hamburger necklace was buried with her. The world is a better place because she was here. 

Our Team

Executive Director

Amanda stepped into the role of Executive Director of ChildBuilders in 2017 after 10 years of service to the organization. Her public health background provides an ideal perspective from which to improve community mental health.

executive assistant

Sanam joined ChildBuilders in 2018 after working in mental health intervention for several years. She is passionate about improving the lives of others in uplifting, enriching, and loving ways.


Gretchen joined ChildBuilders as a social work intern in 2008 after nearly 10 years in public education. She is dedicated to developing innovative approaches to preventing violence and abuse. 

Janet Pozmantier


Janet is a licensed professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, and play therapist. Her dedication to ChildBuilders’ mission and vision has spanned three decades.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Elizabeth Palmer


Wine School


Vice President




The Thread



Real Estate Group



New Hope
Housing, Inc.

Melissa Schuck

OBR, The Junior League of Houston

Advisory Board

Alan Woodbury, CPA

Barbara Samuels, Ed.D.

Chris Greeley, MD

Chuck Pflueger

Darlene Aust

Debbie Martinez

Dorothy F. Matthews, Ph.D.

Ellen Gaber

Evelyn Miro

Fernando Isart, MD, FAAP

Imogen Papadopoulos, JD

James W. Lomax, MD

Jan Redford, Ph.D

Janet Pozmantier, MS, LPC

John L. Tribo

Joyce Haufrect

Kelli Tonn

Linda Murphy

Marty Braniff

Meredith Carr

Michelle Glickman

Myrna Engler, MSW

Nancy DeWalch

Robert W. Guynn, MD

William Patrick Moore, MD


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