Our mission is to promote mental health and prevent abuse by
empowering children, parents, and teachers with assertiveness skills, emotional control, empathy, resilience, and the ability to resolve conflict non-violently.

Mental Health

Decades of research confirm what we’ve always known: healthy relationships and positive parenting are key to mental health. ChildBuilders’ ground-breaking programs teach children today the parenting skills they will need in the future and help students learn social-emotional skills critical to building healthy relationships throughout their lives.

Abuse & Violence

The continuum of violence extends from aggression to abuse. To stop violence before it begins, ChildBuilders arms children, parents, and teachers with the skills of assertiveness, empathy, emotional control, and resilience. With these tools, we are able to protect ourselves, stand up for each other, and resolve conflict nonviolently.

Children & Adults

ChildBuilders’ professional development trainings and workshops employ a train-the-facilitator model, reaching hundreds of adults each year. With our curricula, facilitators are able to empower tens of thousands of children with life-enhancing information and skills. Attend a ChildBuilders training and make a difference!
Navigating Rough Waters: Post-Pandemic & Children’s Mental Health – For School Personnel
In this interactive workshop, participants learn about signs and symptoms of mental health concerns in youth and 3 strategies for helping students who may be developing mental health issues.
When Life Gets Hard: Coping with Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma – For School Personnel
What are Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and how does trauma impact the developing child? How does trauma “show up” in classroom behavior? And what works to help students who have experienced grief and adversity?
When Life Gets Hard: Parenting Through Trauma – For Parents/Caregivers
What are Adverse Childhood Experiences? How does trauma impact children? What works to help children who have experienced trauma? Learn about trauma’s effect on development and behavior 5 strategies to help children heal.
Recognizing and Reporting Child Maltreatment – For School Personnel
In this workshop, professionals will learn how to get help for children, recognize the signs of abuse, be aware of the reporting laws, and know what to do when a child makes an outcry.


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