Health TEKS and Character Counts – Curriculum Alignment

This article outlines our recent updates to Stand Strong • Stay Safe. This curriculum is now aligned to the new Health TEKS and Character Counts.

Updated Health Education TEKS

In 2020, the Texas State Board of Education adopted new Health TEKS, which go into effect this fall. We are pleased to announce that updated alignments are now available for each level of Stand Strong • Stay Safe. The following information is a resource for teachers and administrators. Stand Strong • Stay Safe may be used as part of a comprehensive TEKS-aligned Health Curriculum; however, it does not cover all standards for each grade level. Link to approved changes.

Stand Strong • Stay Safe - Early Childhood is aligned to the Health TEKS for Kindergarten and Grade 1. Stand Strong • Stay Safe - Lower Elementary is aligned to Health TEKS for Grades 2 and 3. Stand Strong • Stay Safe - Upper Elementary is aligned to Health TEKS for Grades 4 and 5.

Character Counts Alignments

The Six Pillars by Character Counts is a character education framework widely used in Texas schools to structure activities that promote SEL and positive school climate. The knowledge and skills developed through all levels of Stand Strong • Stay Safe are complementary to the Character Counts program. Recently we developed an alignment structure to help teachers, counselors, and administrators connect the work they do for Character Counts with the Stand Strong • Stay Safe lessons they teach. Below, find your level and download documentation of the alignments. Please contact us with any questions.

Questions or Concerns?

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