Our Statement on SB9

ChildBuilders is a Houston-area non-profit organization that develops personal safety and wellness curricula in partnership with local school counselors and parents. Every lesson in our programs has a parent connection activity. We recognize informed and involved parents are critical to their child’s safety and encourage parent participation.

ChildBuilders’ Stand Strong • Stay Safe program is aligned to K-5 Health Education TEKS. In keeping with required subjects, the curriculum includes instruction relating to child abuse, family violence, and mental health and wellness. Stand Strong • Stay Safe also fulfills Texas Education Code (TEC) §38.004 requiring school districts to provide child abuse anti-victimization programs in elementary schools.

In accordance with Texas Education Code §28.004 outlined below, ChildBuilders will give parents the opportunity to purchase the Stand Strong Stay Safe curriculum at the same price paid by the school district.

Texas Education Code §28.004(j-2) If a school district purchases from a publisher copyrighted curriculum materials for use in the district’s instruction relating to the prevention of child abuse, family violence, dating violence, and sex trafficking, the district shall ensure that the purchase agreement provides for a means by which a parent of a student enrolled in the district may purchase a copy of the curriculum materials from the publisher at a price that does not exceed the price per unit paid by the district for the curriculum materials.

ChildBuilders’ staff is available to discuss implementation of our programs with regard to SB9. To set up a discussion or purchase the curriculum, please contact us directly.

Amanda Siroosian, MPH
Executive Director, ChildBuilders
(713) 481 6555

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