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ChildBuilders envisions a community where every child is safe, nurtured, and equipped with the skills to overcome adversity.


To stop child abuse, victimization and violence before it starts by training individuals to deliver programs that promote assertiveness, empathy, responsible decision-making, emotional control, and resilience.



Compassion, inclusivity, and integrity.

The three programs we offer are:

  • Parenting Education: available in English and Spanish, this program teaches Pre-K through 12th grade students how to be empathetic individuals today and nurturing parents in the future.
  • Personal Safety Education: also available in English and Spanish, this program teaches children and adolescents how to stay safe, handle threatening situations, avoid bullying and internet dangers, and how to get help with “Know, Do, Tell”.
  • Relationship Education: teaches middle and high school students how to form emotionally healthy and sound relationships based on mutual respect, equality, kindness and responsibility
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