Thank You For Making Our Fall Campaign A Success!

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community for making it possible to reach our Fall Campaign Goal! With your direct support, we are able to continue our daily work of teaching skills that contribute to mental health, emotional wellbeing, and success. Together, we are empowering children and adults with the resilience they need to live happy and health lives.

Fall Campaign Donors

Jeffrey Bates in Honor of Donald J. Bates | Francine Beckman | Mary Bicknell | Gail & Roger Ide | Marty Buck | Charities Aid Foundation America | Kaitlyn Evins | Roz & Bill Fink | Frankel Family Foundation | Jan Fuerst | Natalie Henderson | Missie Hills | Fernando Isart | Anne H. Meyn | John Ntagha | Liz Palmer | Janet Pozmantier | Jan Redford | Cy & Pam Sanders | John & Louise Simon | Sarah Tambra | Dennis Thankachan | Tamra Wilkerson | Evelyn Wisenberg

Our mission is to promote mental health and prevent abuse by empowering children, parents, and teachers with assertiveness skills, emotional control, empathy, resilience, and the ability to resolve conflict non-violently. It's not to late to support our vision that all children will be respected, nurtured, and protected!

Questions or Concerns?

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