Curriculum Update: Stand Strong • Stay Safe Early Childhood

ChildBuilders is pleased to introduce the newly updated edition of the Stand Strong • Stay Safe - Early Childhood safety education program.

Stand Strong • Stay Safe – Early Childhood empowers kids with assertiveness and emotional literacy skills, fostering safety and mentally healthy communities. Students learn to identify and report bullying, abuse, and neglect through age-appropriate lessons. Curriculum revision achieved the following main goals:

  • Enhanced lesson scripts
  • All new character designs
  • Reviewed for cultural sensitivity, and tips for bridging the home-school
  • Trauma-informed approach includes verbiage and notes to help reduce and prepare for possible trauma reminders. 

Improvements were made following feedback from presenters like you implementing this program over the past Fall. 

  • Preliminary drafts of Spanish Language lesson scripts are available on lesson pages
  • Scripts in English and Spanish can be downloaded from the Early Childhood Landing Page as a packet
  • Minor revisions to English Language lesson scripts include resolving a few sticky spots in the script, such as additional instructions to pick up or put down puppets. A final update to the scripts will be available in early February.
  • Stand Strong Safety Skills Poster can now be downloaded and printed from your curriculum pages.

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Full Training

Full training is required for new presenters and recommended for anyone who has not been trained in 4 or more years.
Length: 4 Hours
Location: Face-to-face at your facility
Cost: $225 per person, with a minimum of 8 participants

Refresher Training

Refresher training for previously-trained presenters
Length: 1.5 Hours
Location: Online via Teams or Zoom, or face-to-face at your facility
Cost: $75 per person. Face-to-face requires a minimum of 8 participants. Grant funding may be available.

Available Grant-Funded Training Dates: No Events Listed Yet - Please Check Back Soon.

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