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Relationship Education

Why do kids need to learn relationship skills? To form healthy relationships in order to grow healthy families.

The goal of our relationship education program is to arm students with knowledge and skills that will empower them to form healthy relationships now and strong marriages and partnerships in the future.

Domestic violence and/or aggression in parental relationships can increase aggression and disruptive behavior in the children who witness it.

Research shows that teens are more likely than adults to be confused about appropriate behaviors in intimate relationships, due to their lack of experience. They may confuse jealousy and possessiveness with expressions of love. Our program teaches students healthy relationship skills to help them avoid situations like these. Basic relationship skills include:

  • what to say and do in the early stages
  • how to get to know someone
  • how to assess a relationship
  • how to avoid attachment to problem partners

Our relationship education program was created by Marline Pearson, a nationally recognized expert on teen relationship education. The U.S. government approved the curricula for Administration for Children and Families Healthy Demonstration Grant Activity 4: Education in high schools on the value of marriage and relationships skills.

There are thirteen activity-based lessons focused on navigating the world of teen relationships.

In addition topics previously mentioned, students also learn about:

  • Building relationships that are not based on sex
  • Domestic violence prevention
  • Dating skills
  • Healthy and unhealthy romantic relationships
  • Effective communication and non-violent conflict resolution
  • The importance of a strong commitment and marriage

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