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Relationship Education

"…My students' young lives are marred by loss: divorce, abuse, drugs and alcohol. ChildBuilders' courses help me mend their hearts, create hope, and instill values and goals, so they can determine their own destiny.…
-Teacher, Klein ISD

Why do youth need to learn relationship skills? To form healthy relationships that build healthy families.

The goal of our relationship education program, Love U2®: Relationships Smarts Plus, is to equip students with knowledge and skills that will empower them to form healthy relationships now and strong marriages and partnerships in the future.

Domestic violence and/or aggression in parental relationships can increase aggression and disruptive behavior in the children who witness it.

Research show that teens are more likely than adults to be confused about appropriate behaviors in intimate relationships, due to their lack of experience. They may confuse jealousy and possessiveness with expressions of love. Our program teaches students healthy relationship skills to help them avoid situations like these. Basic relationship skills include:

  • knowing who you are
  • how to get to know someone
  • how to assess a relationship
  • how to avoid attachment to problem partners


Through a 12-lesson evidence-based curriculum, this relationship education program teaches middle and high school students skills and knowledge necessary for building healthy relationships.

Each lesson is packed with engaging hands-on, fun, informative and upbeat activities used to build skills and knowledge necessary for making wise choices and promoting healthy relationships now and in the future.


  • Lesson 1. Who Am I & Where Am I Going
  • Lesson 2. Maturity Issues and What I Value
  • Lesson 3. Attractions and Infatuations
  • Lesson 4. Principles of Smart Relationships
  • Lesson 5. Is It A Healthy Relationship
  • Lesson 6. Decide, Don’t Slide!
  • Lesson 7. Dating Violence and Breaking Up
  • Lesson 8. Communication and Healthy Relationships
  • Lesson 9. Communication Challenges and More Skills
  • Lesson 10. Sexual Decision-Making
  • Lesson 11. Unplanned Pregnancy Through the Eyes of a Child
  • Lesson 12. Teens, Technology and Social Media


  • Participants learn how to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships, and gain knowledge about signs of abusive behaviors
  • Students are taught decision making, problem solving, communication and conflict management skills useful for all types of relationships
  • The program builds a foundation for understanding why healthy and stable parental relationships matter for a child
  • Students impact others with the knowledge learned in the program


Two separate evaluations revealed positive responses from teen participants about the Love U2 program. Evaluation pre/post tests reported strong changes in knowledge and attitudes about relationships, suggesting that participants are much better prepared to manage future relationships successfully after completing the program. When participants were asked if Love U2 would have a positive effect on their current or future relations, 86 percent answered, “Yes.”

Love U2® was created by Marline Pearson, a nationally recognized expert on teen relationship education. The U.S. government approved the curriculum for Administration for Children and Families Healthy Demonstration Grant Activity 4: Education in high schools on the value of marriage and relationships skills.

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