Links: Developmental Milestones

Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Developmental Milestones. 

On the CDC’s mobile-friendly site, find detailed information on developmental milestones, parenting tips, and what to do if you are concerned about your child’s health or development.

This is a site developed by pediatricians that offers parents information on child development, parenting and behavior, childhood medical conditions, and growth milestones. for Parents

This mobile-friendly website has a huge amount of parenting information on topics such as growth and development, behavior and emotions, discipline, medical concerns, and starting school. Articles are available in English and Spanish. 

KidsHealth: Understanding Early Sexual Development 

Early experiences set the foundation for healthy sexuality later in life. This article discusses normal sexual development from birth through puberty and offers suggestions for how parents can foster healthy attitudes towards sexuality without shaming. 

ZERO TO THREE: Behavior & Development

ZERO TO THREE is dedicated to supporting and nurturing children from birth to 3 years of age. This website provides information on many topics including brain development, behavior, health and nutrition, and social and emotional development. 

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