Three Styles of Communication

Three Styles of Communication  Passive  In passive behavior, the focus is what others think, not on what you want or need. Passiveness often comes from feelings of insecurity, needing approval, perfectionism, wanting to be liked, and not focusing on what you want or need. Passive means giving in, avoiding, and not expressing your feelings. By […]

Assertive Communication

Assertive communication is telling someone what you need in a way that is clear and straightforward. Tone of voice, body language, and words contribute to a person’s communication style. Parents can use the skills below to improve the way they communicate with their children, especially when setting and enforcing limits.  Communicating Assertively  Focus on what […]

Links: Developmental Milestones

Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Developmental Milestones.  On the CDC’s mobile-friendly site, find detailed information on developmental milestones, parenting tips, and what to do if you are concerned about your child’s health or development. This is a site developed by pediatricians that offers parents information on child development, parenting and behavior, childhood […]

5 Years

Developmental Milestones  Understands right, wrong, fair, and unfair.  Can recognize simple words and may even be reading.  Can name four or five colors.  Has a vocabulary of 6- to 8-word sentences.  Can tell a simple story.  Understands games have rules.  Can skip, walk on tiptoes, and jump forward.  Throws a ball overhand.  Can cut with […]

4 Years

Developmental Milestones  Enjoys playmates and will begin to play cooperatively with others.  It is normal to have imaginary friends.  Speech is almost always understandable.  Can usually count from one to 10.  Can walk on tiptoes, climb a ladder, and ride a tricycle.  Holds and uses a pencil with good control.  Can draw a person with […]

3 Years

Developmental Milestones  Playmates are important at this age.  Asks an excessive number of questions.  More than 50 percent of your child’s speech is clear enough to be understood.  Begins to recognize gender differences.  Names pictures in a book.  Knows own name, age, and gender.  Likes to be independent.  Parenting Tips  Discipline should be gentle, consistent, […]

2 Years

Developmental Milestones  Enjoys playing with friends.  Does not share well.  Asks frequent questions.  May have a vocabulary of 50 or more words.  Climbs up steps holding on for support.  Jumps off the floor with both feet.  Opens doors.  Kicks a ball.  Can wash and dry hands.  Climbs on furniture.  Uses a cup and spoon well.  […]

18 Months

Developmental Milestones  Shows affection by kissing parents.  Uses a vocabulary of four to 10 words and may combine two-word phrases.  Understands simple directions.  Points to some body parts correctly.  Walks fast.  Walks up stairs with one hand held.  Plays pretend.  Feeds self, drinks from a cup, and uses a spoon.  Imitates a crayon stroke on […]

12 Months

Developmental Milestones  Pulls to stand up.  Crawls rapidly.  Seats self on floor.  Holds onto furniture or walks alone unsteadily.  Explores new objects by banging them together.  May be able to drink from a cup.  Waves goodbye.  Feeds self.  Plays social games such as pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo.  Has vocabulary of one to three words in addition […]

6 Months

Developmental Milestones  Recognizes familiar faces.  Likes to play with others.  Responds to other people’s emotions.  Likes to look at self in a mirror.  Strings vowels together when babbling.  Responds to own name.  Makes sounds to show joy and displeasure.  Begins to look for a toy that drops out of sight.  Can play alone with one […]