Child Builders - Preparing. Protecting. Empowering


As awareness has increased about the effectiveness and power of prevention programs in promoting healthy child and family development, ChildBuilders has built a continuum of solutions that lead to students who:

  • Learn how to avoid being victims of child abuse, bullying, Internet dangers, and dating violence
  • Establish and maintain healthy relationships now and in the future
  • Learn to be assertive and empathetic individuals today, and become nurturing parents in the future

ChildBuilders is governed by a volunteer board of directors and employs three full-time staff who are supervised by the Executive Director. During our 2016-17 fiscal year, we reached more than 80,000 children and youth.

ChildBuilders focuses on prevention. Prevention takes on the task of reducing and, hopefully, one day eliminating the need for rescue and recovery. We do this by preparing children to face some of life’s most difficult challenges.

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