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Safety Education

Why is safety education important?

In order to prevent wounds inside and out we must equip children and youth with knowledge.

  • In 2010 there were over 55,442 reports of child abuse/neglect in Houston.Yellowstone Academy Training
  • A child is reported missing every 37 seconds and 2/3 of those abducted are sexually assaulted.
  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people ages 15 to 24.
  • Young women ages 16-24 are four times more likely to be date raped than any other age group.

The cycle of abuse will continue from generation to generation until children and adolescents are taught the life skills to protect themselves. Our personal safety program is a proactive primary prevention tool that prevents the likelihood of childhood victimization which could lead to lifelong physical and mental illness.

Safety Education for Young Children – “Stand Strong, Stay Safe”

Trained school personnel explore issues such as child abuse, emotional abuse, bullying, and abduction with children in prekindergarten through 1st grade.

Safety Education for Older Children and Adolescents – “We Help Ourselves”

More mature subjects such as depression, sexual harassment, eating disorders, running away, domestic violence, and peer pressure are explored with adolescents. Volunteers use videotaped vignettes to facilitate discussions (3rd grade through high school). Watch for our new safety solution for 2nd-5th grade students.

The WHO program was created by Mental Health America of Greater Dallas.


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