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ChildBuilders 4th Annual Crawfish Boil hosted by Nightshift


Saturday, March 29, 2014 from 1-6PM
Jackson’s Watering Hole
1205 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77006

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All event proceeds directly benefits Houston-area children with ChildBuilders’™ programs in addition to volunteering in schools or on the Board, and participating in community outreach and awareness.

ChildBuilders’™ NightShift has been a successful after-work philanthropy program since its creation in early 2008. The first NightShift event brought in 100 new members and raised $1,500 to support ChildBuilders™, in addition to gaining new contacts and spreading word in the community. NightShift Staff Liaison Michelle Sacks attributes this incredible success to the different circles of influence and experience gained by marketing to individuals with diverse jobs. This helps get the ChildBuilders™ name into the media, large corporations, and in front of other supporters who can be powerful allies in the fight for Houston-area children.

You can help support the NightShift by getting involved! Becoming a member, volunteering, or finding corporate sponsorships are all great ways to contribute. The NightShift sees continued success on the horizon as it works towards its goal of involving young professionals in the lives of children. To join or to find out more, contact Michelle Sacks at 713-481-6552 or

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